Grand Opening May 2007

mahs logo MAHS Museum facade Plaque to honor our generous building donor, Ruth Knight-Sybers. Marlene Schmalbeck talking with passer-by.  Donna Ferguson cleaning the floor  mats and Bill Dickson tidying the museum entrance before the grand opening. Sally Stenbroten, Donna Ferguson and Madeleine Dooley  measuring the ribbon to be cut during the opening ceremony.
Donna Ferguson (blue jacket) and Sally Stenbroten working on the  ribbon for the ceremonial ribbon cutting to be held the next day. Carol Moser (red sweater) and Carol Schultz  setting up the Drizzle sales display table. Bernie Green manning the museum's  popcorn machine on opening day. Monticello's Boy Scouts presenting the colors during the opening ceremony. The Boy Scouts bring the flags to the museum  front to begin the dedication ceremony.
Opening remarks by MAHS board president, Donald Schneider. Something very important being  said during Don's opening speech. U.S. Representative Tammy Baldwin making a congratulatory speech.  WI State Sen. Jon Erpenbach, our founder Marlene Schmalbeck, and building donor Ruth Knight-Sybers are in the background. WI. State Sen. Jon Erpenbach adding his congratulations. WI. State Rep. Bret Davis gets his turn at the  microphone during our dedication ceremony.
The two state dignitaries preparing to present a plaque to our president. MAHS President Don Schneider receives the plaque from the state of Wisconsin. MAHS Past President Amanda Jacobson sharing  the podium with President Don Schneider. MAHS founder and Past President Marlene Schmalbeck . Wisconsin State Historical Society Local History Representative Tom McKay.
The official ribbon cutting by Marlene Schmalbeck and Ruth Knight-Sybers. Our founder, in white, Marlene Schmalbeck flanked  by our museum building donor Ruth Knight-Sybers. Left to right: Todd Woelffer, Jean Bloomberg, Joe  Tiffany, Jan Ellen Woelffer and Alice Woelffer. Hazel Kundert. long time Monticello school  teacher and a senior member of MAHS. Next to building:  Bernie and Barbara Green and Jack Stenbroten.  Bernie  Green helped Bill Moser during the initial restoration and renovation.
Next to window, Bill and Carol Moser.  Bill  did much of the initial building renovation. Elda Schiesser and daughter, Linda, demonstrating  the art of Swiss Scherenschnitte. Hazel Kundert, Joe Tiffany and Alice Woelffer in the music tent. Alice Voegeli, Joe Tiffany, Hazel Kundert and John Casey watching the festivities. Marlene Schmalbeck and Don Schneider
Marlene Schmalbeck and WSHS- Local History Rep. Tom McKay. Sen. Jon Erpenbach and Don Schneider  viewing the new display panels. Roger Dooley explains our pharmacy display  to U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin and her aide. Opening day crowd touring Monticello's newest attraction. Tom McKay helped us design our first display and provided valuable  advice in all other areas in order to make our opening a huge success.
President Donald Schneider being interviewed by John  Stenbroten. John made a video for our historical archives. Collection Manager Roger Dooley also being  interviewed for the historical video. John Stenbroten and Carol Strause  setting up the video equipment Todd and Jan Woelffer and Carol Strause trade  memories of the old drug store and soda fountain. Bill Dickson manning the guest book.
One of our opening day musical entertainment groups.   Sorry, their name escapes me! Mrs. Marty and her accordion student also  provided entertainment for the many visitors. More musical entertainment. The weather couldn't have been better and the  visitors really seemed to enjoy themselves. Monticello's "taxi" ferried people from the parking lot to town.
Antique tractor collectors were proud to show off their restored equipment. More antique tractors. View north up Main Street. Parade of antique tractors on display on Main Street. Ernie Gempeler's brat stand fed some of the hungry crowd.
Antique autos were a crowd pleaser. Antique autos Antique autos Antique autos Antique autos
Enjoying the music and weather on Main St.,  in front of the Diningroom at 209 Main St. Front of Gempeler's Super Market. Outdoor dining at the M & M cafe.